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OPEN for Dine-in, take out and delivery
6am to 3pm

(15% off on take out /self pickup orders only,
delivery at regular prices)

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Phils Market Now Available!

Enjoy Phils Favourites At Home

Experience the all new

Phil’s on 11th

Announcing an all new Phil’s restaurant. The traditional favourites that have made Phil’s famous… plus exciting new menu additions inspired by “Life” –– all wrapped up in a fresh new urban-roots decor motif. It’s the Phil’s you know and love… with a dynamite twist!

Fun. Funky. Friendly.

Breakfast Anytime

Experience the all new

Phil’s on 11th

Phil’s continues the traditions started by Phil Tetrault in 1956 of creating unique food products in our private production facility. We pride ourselves on using only the best and freshest local ingredients to create these signature products for your enjoyment.

Fun. Funky. Friendly.

Smiling Customers

Totally Rad New Stuff

Radical New Stuff

  • FF Mini Waffles

    Chicken & Waffles

  • Breakfast Clubhouse

  • Peach Crêpes

    Banana Cream Pie French Toast

  • Pulled Pork Waffle

  • Savoury Bread Pudding

  • Hangover Poutine

Licensed to Chill

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Brighten Up Brunch!

Sip on a Tangy Caesar or a refreshing Champagne & Orange Juice.

Check out our great selection of Wine and Beer favourites.

Go ahead… pump up your coffee with a shot! Amarula, Bailey’s, Kalua… more.

Irish Coffee or Blueberry Tea anyone?
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After Work

Blonde Customer Smiles
Unwind from your day

After Play

Blonde Customer Smiles
Celebrate your wins

Classic Table Pleasers

Table Pleasers

  • FF Mini Waffles

    Fresh Fruit Mini Waffles

  • Taco Salad

  • Peach Crêpes

    Peach Crêpes

  • Liver and Onions


  • Strawberry French Toast

  • Apple Pancakes

Too Much Fun Last Night?

Have Too Much Fun Last Night?

Teddy Bear Gymnastics
Teddy Bear Gymnastics

No Teddys were harmed in making this web site

Try our “Hangover Poutine and Caesar” combo

New! “Hangover” Poutine

‘Hangover’ Poutine

Poutine topped with eggs

Try our new “Hangover” Poutine.
Not 100% guaranteed to help… but really, if it makes you feel even a little bit better it’s totally worth it… right?
Prescription not required.

Try our new “Hangover” Poutine. Not 100% guaranteed to help… but really, if it makes you feel even a little bit better it’s totally worth it… right?
A Medical Prescription is not required.

Come For A Party

Come For A Party

… any excuse will do.

… any excuse will do.

Stainless Pots
Party Time Symbol
Count Yourself In!
Phil's on 11th logo
Proudly continuing the traditions established by Phil Tetrault
Phil's Head Office
50-5000 64 Avenue SE
Calgary, Alberta T2C 4V3

Phil’s Restaurants

Proudly continuing the traditions established by Phil Tetrault

Phil's on11th • 1239-11th Ave SW Calgary Alberta • 403 367 7041

Phil’s Classic Locations

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“Our customers say the nicest things”

“Things our customers say”

  • “This Phil's is a favourite when we have the children.
    …a good range of breakfast and non-breakfast items for the whole family”
    Lauren H.
  • “When the corned beef hash is listed as a special of the day, THAT's the one to order”
    Terrence L.
  • “We've been here for lunch, dinner and breakfast and the experience has always been good when the place is packed or empty” Lauren H.
  • I am always impressed when I can get amazing service at horrendous times of the day. Critically, our server kept the coffee coming the entire time Stefan W.
  • “Their service is top notch with experienced waitresses… that really know how to treat their customers” Terrence L.
  • Great service, and tasty breakfast Sara W.
  • Can't go wrong if you're out for a hearty, massive breakfast after a long night. Stefan W.
  • “A great place to go as a family or with friends (love the great selection of syrups for pancakes” Terrence L.
  • Its ultra family friendly so there are lots of kids, grandparents, and friends here all the time Koz T.

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